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Jules Beamish - Member of CrossFit Wicklow

I’ve known Coach Holly for several years now, and in that time I got not only a great coach, who consistently goes the extra mile to coach teens right through to the over 60s, but I got a friend too. 

Holly has helped me through many obstacles including major surgery, to rehabbing minor injuries to interrupting her own training to give me (and others) coaching tips - in fact Holly has been instrumental in me getting double unders to name just one thing. I love who I’m becoming, and Holly has played a big part in me being able to complete hard workouts, lift weights that I didn’t think possible and losing 18kg in weight. 

Her knowledge of functional fitness is incredible, and is probably the best Olympic lifting coach I know, and I know a good few of them. 

As Holly starts a new adventure, there are a couple of things I know for sure:

- CrossFit Wicklow is losing an integral part of what makes this gym such a fantastic place

- Our loss (she really is a loss) is Galway's gain

- WILD WAY CrossFit will give its clients more good things than they can imagine 

-  If anyone is scared of trying CrossFit, this is the place for you - you’ll get a super high quality training program from a coach who has so much knowledge, commitment, and above all a passion for improving her clients physical and mental wellbeing.

As I said, our loss is most definitely Galway's gain. I am so sorry to be saying au revoir (never goodbye) to a top coach, and friend. But, I’m also super excited for Holly & WILD WAY CrossFit and to future fun days between WILD WAY CrossFit and CrossFit Wicklow.

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Sandra Fromm - Member of CrossFit Wicklow

I joined Holly’s Olympic Lifting classes in CF Wicklow about 2 years ago, after coming from another CrossFit gym.

I had good basics, but couldn’t snatch to save my life. It just never clicked! Holly has so much patience, going through the technique of the lifts over and over and over again, progression after progression.

Even during Open Gym hours, when she trains herself, she would come over and give little tips and corrections! She is genuinely so happy about every tiny little progress you make. Her classes (Olympic Lifting and CrossFit) were definitely among the most popular ones in the gym!

Her bubbly personality is contagious, everyone always has a smile on their face in the class!

And there is one thing that makes her so special, something you can’t learn in a coaching course: her patience, how much she cares about every single member, and how much she really wants you to reach your goals - and she will go out of her way to help you achieve them.

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Joan Morton - Member of CrossFit Wicklow

Holly is an enthusiastic and energetic coach who motivates and brightens up your day, a lovely pleasing manner who I will miss in Crossfit Wicklow.

Wishing you all the best in the West

From the East

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Donna Wildes - Member of CrossFit Wicklow

Holly is a little gem and was one of the first faces who welcomed me to the Wicklow CrossFit gym nearly 3 years ago. She always has a smile on her face and is full of enthusiasm for what she does and gives the best encouragement and advice in her coaching.

Holly will be greatly missed but I have no doubt she will do amazing with her new adventure with WILD WAY CrossFit.

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Paddy Cunningham - Member of CrossFit Wicklow

I know I've said it to you before Holly, but I really can't thank you enough for the support and encouragement you've given me since I start CrossFit. 

I was genuinely so nervous about joining the Big Boys Class! But, instantly you made me feel so welcome, included... and most of all I don't know I could ever explain fully my thank for the belief you showed in me - in terms of being able to do more, lift more, try more... to keep trying and to keep pushing myself.  This belief isn't something you can train someone to do or be, it's something that's part of a persons' fibres - and you are extremely gifted with this. 

You are not only an excellent coach, but such a wonderful person - and whilst I may have only known you for a relatively short time in terms of CrossFit life and Wicklow life - you really have made a lasting impression on me. 

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Lorcan Byrne - Member of CrossFit Wicklow

Excellent encouraging and very experienced coaches. From the absolute self doubting beginner (like I was) to the accomplished CrossFitter or Olympic lifter, This is the gym for you.

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Kateligne Verbruggen - Member of CrossFit Wicklow

Holly is incredibly talented at what she does, one of the best coaches I’ve had the pleasure of training with.

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David Lang - Member of CrossFit Wicklow

This lady is a shining example of what a CrossFit coach can be.
Not only has she the technical knowledge but she is bubbling with passion and personality.
I am privileged to have had her as a coach and expect her to make a significant impact in Galway with her new gym.
Her’s may be the last gym you join 😉

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